Courses Offered

Who is the Academy for?

Current Students & Graduates

Both graduates and currently enrolled in computer or programming related studies.


Mid to senior level developers who want to familiarize themselves with new topics.

Startup Community

Business owners and individuals involved in startups who want to learn more and network.

What We Do

Identify Talent

We identify and select talented individuals through our screening process.


We strive to lead and educate students within an intensive learning environment.

Connect the Community

We connect the local community with companies within the industry.

Completely Free for Eligible Students & Developers

That’s right, our courses are completely free for eligible students and developers. Our goal is to help flourish in emerging industries both locally and domestically.

In order to be eligible, students and developers must register before each cohort’s registration deadline. Once the deadline has been reached, interviews will be conducted to determine suitability since potential students must pass our assessment exam.

Career Opportunities

Representatives from varieties of different local tech companies and start-ups are common guests at our academy. Presentations, networking events and in-class use cases are a few of the many ways our students can grow and gain opportunities in this emerging sector.

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